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By spring of 1920, Post 14’s effective membership campaign surpassed the 500-mark. The Peterson-Olson Post 13, initially the William O. Peterson Post 13, received its national organizational charter on August 6, 1919. On September 18, 1946 the Post updated its name to the Peterson-Olson Post 13. The Victor B. Wallin Post 12 received its national organizational charter on August 6, 1919. The Lavern J. Thompson Post 11 received its national organizational charter on July 26, 1919. The Easton-Yarnish Post 10, initially the Buffalo Post 10, received its national organizational charter on July 26, 1919. The William E. Smith Post 9 received its national organizational charter on July 21, 1919. Declining membership and income resulted in the sale of our long-time post home, which was located on the south edge Lisbon.

Through good organization and excellent players the program experienced early success at the state, regional and national levels. At the end of World War II, hundreds of veterans returned home. The younger veterans provided increased vitality to carry out Post programs and activities in the community. In 1960, Post Commander Frank Kosanda presented a New Club proposal for Post 6 membership. During the following decades, numerous members of the Fargo Legion and Forty et Eight have volunteered their services in providing aid and comfort to hospitalized veterans. Supplied by the parent organizations, they distributed comfort items such as tooth brushes, tooth paste, combs, postage stamps, stationery and canteen books. As the hospital patient load grew, so did the need for more volunteers. Teams were organized to more effectively conduct the veterans stag and other activities. Since its inception, Post 2 has shared the organization’s concern for the nation’s disabled veterans and worked to develop hospitalization and rehabilitation programs to care for them. The rates of North Dakota online installment loans aren’t as high for other alternatives, but they are different for each lender.

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William Emery Smith was born in Taneville, Missouri on October 13, 1894. He was inducted at Williston, North Dakota on November 26, 1917. He served with Company G., 328th Infantry in France at Meuse-Argonne and St. Michael. He was Killed in Action on October 16, 1918 and was buried at the American Cemetery in France. The American Legion’s Oratorical Contest is sponsored annually by Post 6 Auxiliary Unit. The purpose of the High School Oratorical Contest is to develop a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the Constitution of the United States on the part of High School Students. Other objectives are those of leadership, the ability to speak clearly and intelligently on the rights and privileges of American Citizenship. George Edward Phelps Senior was born at East Grand Forks, Minnesota on June 25, 1896. He served overses from October 5, 1918 to March 13, 1919.

  • In 1935 Barry-Hoof Post was awarded the Mack V. Traynor membership trophy.
  • The Monson-Finkenhagen Post 35, initially the Oscar Finkenhagen Post 35, received its national organizational charter on August 23, 1919.
  • This has been a major source of income to finance local Auxiliary programs and activities.
  • He served in the Asiatic-Pacific theatre and was killed in action on January 14, 1943 at Guadalcanal.
  • In earlier years, Post 32 had been active in sponsoring American Legion baseball teams and delegates to Boys State.

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The first known military funeral in Aneta was for George Thomas, May 15, 1927. Mounted Legionnaire horsemen lead the cortege to the cemetery for graveside services. Over the last 75 years, Post 14 has been an active contributor to many youth programs, including baseball teams. Total cost of the project was $95,000, using mostly donated labor. Our post had been placing savings into a building fund for years and, along with local donations, we only had to borrow $50,000 from the Citizens State Bank in Finley. After five years of serving dinners, banquets, rental income for wedding dances, bar income, etc., we were able to burn our mortgage upon making full payment on our loan. Orville R. Olson was born in Finley, North Dakota on July 29, 1913. He served in the Asiatic Pacific Theatre and was Killed in Action on May 31, 1942 at Baatan, Philippines, the first Finley serviceman to die in WW II. He was buried in Finley, North Dakota. Having seen a bucking fun car on television in the parade at the national Legion convention, I talked to Cliff Beeks and Roy Sheldon about making one. They thought it was a good idea and we had a very active Legion post to help carry it through.

Installment Loans Halliday North Dakota

The post worked hard in paving the way for an all-seasons arena, this being done when the old skating rink had to come down. Any project that needed money and local labor to complete the task, our post has been at the top of the list with donations and manpower Installment Loans Halliday North Dakota to get the job done. The Rueben and Leon Oschner Post was initially the Louis Instad Post 68 in Tuttle, North Dakota. The Post received its national organizational charter on October 17, 1919. The Post disbanded and its charter was cancelled in June 15, 1925.

Memorial Programs

The post’s responsibility to the community has been fulfilled by all of the foregoing and by participating in many other local programs and projects. The Treumann-Webb-Phelps Post 6 and Auxiliary Unit is a family oriented organization, having numerous programs to support the veteran, their spouse, and children of the Community, State, and Nation. The Post Family supports service to veterans, children & youth programs, Americanism, legion baseball, Boys and Girl State, high school oratorical contest and other scholarships, teaching U.S. Visitations are made to hospitalized veterans on a regular basis.

Installment Loans Halliday North Dakota

With financial help from our Auxiliary unit, most of the kitchen facilities were installed by late March 1953. Post 246 was organized through the efforts of its 27 charter members. The application for post charter was completed February 2, 1931, and forwarded through channels. National headquarters issued Post 246 a temporary charter February 10, 1931 and a permanent charter February 27, 1933. Post 236 Legionnaires are proud of their many services to the community and, by example, try to inspire patriotism in their hometown of Wimbledon, located in central North Dakota. Following World War II, the veterans in the Dawson area reorganized the John Green Post in 1956. Initial members boosting the effort to restart this post were Earl E. Logue, commamder; E.A.

Current Programs

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