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Facial & Skincare Services

  • Starbabe Signature Facial youjizz


    (60 min. Deep Pore cleansing with extractions)

  • Pick Me Up Facial


    (30 min. Skin cleanse, exfoliation and mask excludes extractions)

  • HydraDermabrasion Facial


    (includes Starbabe Signature Facial with HydraDermabrasion treatment)

Enhancements (Add on treatments to facials)
  • Dermaplaning


  • MicroDermabrasion


  • LED Light Therapy


  • Gua Sha


    (promotes lifting and contour tightening of the skin)

  • Facial Cupping


  • Facial Massage Deep Tissue


  • Superficial Depth Peel


  • Medium Depth Skin Peel


  • Deep Depth Skin Peel


  • Skin Analyses
  • Back Facial


    (Focuses on pore cleansing and acne breakout treatment)

  • Vajacial Bikini Facial


    (treats in-grown hairs, removes dead skin cells and smooths bumps around the bikini line, prevents acne and helps maintain healthy, hydrated skin.)

  • Vajacial Brightening Treatment


    (add on enhancement to brighten skin in the bikini area)

    (recommend minimum of 4 services for optimal results)

  • Derriere Facial


    (Buttocks outer cheeks area. Leaves the skin feeling smoother, and appear more toned)


Packages must be paid in full prior to services rendered



    Want to start loving your skin? This package is the perfect way to your best skin ever!

    (Includes 3 Starbabe Signature Facials with 3 enhancement add-ons. Excludes Gua Sha, Deep Facial Massage and Chemical Peels. $45 value)



    All about skin that looks brighter and clearer. Poreless, dewy, baby-soft skin is the ultimate goal.

    (Includes 3 Starbabe Signature Facials with chemical peel. {1 superficial and 2 medium depth} prior skin analyses & consultation required $30 value)



    Treatment plan that will help clear your skin. Targets acne, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, large pores and uneven texture.

    (Includes 5 Signature Starbabe facials with chemical peel.{2 superficial,2 medium depth and 1 deep depth} prior skin analyses & consultation required $50 value)

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Relaxing and Rejuvenating

Facials & Skincare

Ready for glowing skin? At Marra's Beauty Bar we are equipped with a state of the art Hydrodermabrasion system that is designed to do wonders for your skin. This new technology uses water & oxygen to effortlessly exfoliate the skin while eliminating dark spots & hyperpigmentation. Each procedure is tailored to your specific skin needs depending on your skin type so you get exactly what your skin deserves!

Can I wear makeup after my wax?

We recommend waiting a few hours before applying makeup to your face. Your skin will be freshly exfoliated and needs some healing time before filling the pores with makeup.

What if my skin breaks out?

This can be a combination of factors. If you experience a histamine reaction, we recommend taking an antihistamine pill. Avoid sweat-inducing activities, applying makeup around the area, and hot water for at least 24 hours.

Will waxing hurt more on my face?

It is completely normal to feel some sort of temporary pain or discomfort when removing a lot of hair from the root at once, regardless of the area of the body. Your esthetician is well-trained and has mastered their craft, your pain should be minimal! Remember, it only lasts a few seconds.

Can I wax if I’ve just had a facial?

Waxing after a basic European facial is just fine. However, if you have had a specialty facial service, such as a Microdermabrasion, we recommend you wait at least 7 days.

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