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Lash Lift & Extension Services

Lash Extensions
  • Classic Set


    (lash extensions are applied with just one lash at a time for fmovies. This gives a naturally fuller and longer appearance to your lashes. Perfect for first time lash babe!)

  • Hybrid Set


    (The perfect mix of Classic Set & Russian Volume to create medium fullness. Sometimes we want just a little more!)

  • Russian Volume Set


    (offers a subtle glam look. She only wants drama in her lashes!)

  • Mega Volume Set


    (mega volume extensions create a full and beautiful fanned look that frame your eyes in an effortlessly glamorous way. This set is for the lash babe queens who broke up with their mascara forever!)


(semi-permanent treatment that enhances natural lashes to lift and curl. Lasts 6-8 wks)

  • Lash Lift & Tint


  • Lash Lift


  • Lash Tint


Lifts, Refills & Touch Ups

(refills are considered 14-20 days from last appointment and have a minimum of 30-40% extensions remaining, if not the full set price will apply. A lash removal service will be required if you have previous extensions from other salon/lash artist in order to give you the best result and care for your lashes. But no worries, the removal is on us when you book any full set )

  • Refill Classic


  • Refill Hybrid


  • Refill Russian Volume


  • Refill Mega Volume


  • Lash Extensions Removal


  • Refill Russian Volume


    (Safe and gentle removal of lash extension to protect your natural lashes)

  • Lash Bath


    (cleansing of the lash extension and natural lash to remove dirt,oil and makeup residue to maintain clean and healthy beautiful lashes.)

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Flawless and Flirty

Lash Lifts & Extensions

Ready to toss out those falsies and say goodbye to that mascara? Marra's Beauty Bar is ready to take you on a new lash journey! Choose your volume of lash extensions or go the more natural route with a lash lift. We also offer lash removals and touch ups.

How long do lash extensions last?

Lash extensions typically last for three to four weeks, which is about the same time of a full lash growth cycle.

Are temporary lashes the same as eyelash extensions?

No. Temporary lashes can be done at home, and are glued to the lash line. They typically last the day and should be removed before bed. Semi-permanent lashes (lash extensions), can last three to four weeks, are glued to your natural lashes, and require professional application and removal.

Can I swim after getting my extensions?

Negative. Do not sweat, cry, swim, or wash your face for at least 12 hours after your lash extension service; giving the glue time to fully dry.

Can I wear make-up with my extensions?

Cringing at the thought of ditching your smokey eye? You don’t have to. But, DO steer away from liquid-based eye products, which can be damaging to your extensions. Be careful to not drag them along your lash line and be sure to always remove your shadow or liner with oil-free makeup remover – we recommend using q tips for precision. Most importantly, DO NOT USE MASCARA.

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